Do you want to know more about DLV BBDO?

Perhaps you would like to know how our agency got started.
In 1997, D'Adda, Lorenzini Vigorelli got together and BOOM!

Perhaps you would like to know how we made it to 2013. Chasing every idea with enthusiasm, from the smallest to the most ambitious.
Sticking with it and bringing it to life through every type of media.

Or maybe you would simply like to know just who we are.
An agency capable of producing ideas as a team.
A team made up of people, talent, and big hearts.

Managing Director and CFO
Bernardo Bellomi

Executive Creative Directors
Federico Pepe and Stefania Siani

Deputy General Manager / Rome office
Claudia Mellace

via Lanzone 4
20123 Milano, Italy
phone +39 02 880071

via Crescenzio 19
00193 Roma, Italy
phone +39 06 6840631